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At the Université Paris-Saclay libraries, you can borrow several types of items:

  • documents for a minimum of 21 days (books, DVDs, comics, manga, etc. depending on your library's offer)
  • equipment during your visit to the UL: whiteboard markers, USB sticks, headphones, laptops, etc.

Find out more about your entitlements depending on your situation below.


  • Undergraduates, nursing students (IFSI) and students from technical institutes (IUT): 8 documents for 21 days (+ 14 days extension)

  • Masters students, engineering students, students of the Ecole Normale Supérieure, aggregative: 15 documents for 28 days (+ 14 days extension)

  • PhD candidates, researchers and staff: 25 documents for 60 days (+ 28 days extension)

These rules apply to every library in the Université Paris-Saclay network (see the relevant locations on the dedicated page). Loans can be combined from one library to another.

Some documents, which are in great demand, are subject to specific rules. For the Kremlin-Bicêtre UL, Orsay UL, Sceaux UL, these documents are:

Pharmacy journals 3 for 7 days
Legal codes 2 for 21 days
ECNi (national computerised ranking tests) manuals 8 for 14 days

A customised loan of up to 6 months is available for PhD candidates, lecturers and people unable to visit the location in person.

Students, researchers and staff of Université Paris-Saclay can access the libraries of the Institut Polytechnique de Paris (Ecole Polytechnique, Télécom Paris, Télécom Sud Paris, ENSAE, ENSTA and associated business schools (HEC)).


Students and staff of the Institut Polytechnique de Paris have free access to Université Paris-Saclay's libraries.
Students from institutions bound by an agreement with Université Paris-Saclay also benefit from free access.

Loan conditions are the same as for University students.


You can borrow 8 documents for 21 days (+ 14 days extension) provided you are registered with the library. Registration is free (except for companies) and can be completed at the reception desks in the libraries or at Lumen.


All registered users can access their Paris-Saclay library account online.

After authentication, you can use your library account to:

  • view your current loans and loan history;
  • extend and reserve a document;
  • suggest a purchase;