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Google Scholar

Google Scholar (GS) is a Google-backed search engine that points only to academic repositories of peer-reviewed articles, grey literature and books. It does not therefore provide access to all the documentation offered by libraries.

Refer to our subscriptions

To take advantage of the library's subscriptions even when using Google Scholar outside the UL, go to Settings > Library links. Find Université Paris-Saclay and check this box, then save.

You can also add other libraries if you have several supervisory bodies (National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS), etc.); or other sources, such as the SUDOC catalogue or the ISTEX corpus.

When we are subscribed to a resource you consult, a link to it will appear in front of the documents in your results list, allowing you to jump to the content.

Exporting bibliographic references

If you use Zotero, you do not need to set any parameters, Google Scholar is compatible without changing any settings.

Alternatively, you can set Google Scholar to retrieve bibliographic references correctly from the results page. Go to Settings > Search results > Bibliography manager. Activate show links and choose your preferred software, e.g. BibTeX, then save.


The Import into BibTeX button will then appear in front of each document in your results list.