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NUMACLAY is Université Paris-Saclay's digital library. It displays collections of digitised or digital resources: archives, videos, photos, objects, scientific instruments, specific journals, etc. It is designed to inform everyone about the historical, scientific and technical heritage of Université Paris-Saclay.
This website is available to all departments and laboratories that want to display documents or content.
A team is also available to support any heritage and/or scientific conservation and promotion project with methodology and advice.

Galvanomètre de type Deprez-d'Arsonval, dans la collection "Témoins de recherche : mesures électriques" de Numaclay

A wide range of collections

The NUMACLAY digital library features a variety of collections, including:

  • portraits of researchers
  • scientific instruments
  • specialist educational sciences journals
  • scientific archives
  • busts of the founders of CentraleSupélec
  • specific corpuses in law, chemistry and sports science





Tools and services

The libraries have several tools available to facilitate the conservation and exhibition of resources.

  • Promotion: resources can be displayed via a digital library (Numaclay), an image bank (Médiathèque de com') and virtual exhibitions.
  • Digital resource management (Omeka): resource and metadata imports, collection management.
  • Digitisation tool (NumaHOP): management of the document digitisation chain, with automation of all stages involving the parties concerned: import of records, quality control, archiving, distribution.

The library team provides its professional and technical skills to help with each of these stages.



If you have a project or any questions, please contact us: