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Lean library access

Lean Library Access is a browser extension that gives you access to the digital resources (articles, e-books, data, etc.) to which the library subscribes, without having to go through the university library's website.
Once you find a page that mentions a publication to which the UL has subscribed, a pop-up window appears offering a direct link to the full text.
The extension also alerts you to articles available in Open Access.
The first redirection requires you to log in using your University login details.
This extension is available for several browsers: Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera.
To download the extension, go to:
Then select Université Paris Saclay.

If you belong to another institution offering this service (Université d'Evry, UVSQ, ENS Paris-Saclay, etc.), you can add it by clicking on "Add extra institute". This will give you access to the resources offered by this other institution to which we do not subscribe.
The Lean Library Access extension offers guarantees in terms of privacy and the collection of your personal data. In fact, no data is collected; the pop-up is activated by analysing the URL.
A video presenting Lean Library Access is also available.
For further information or if you have any questions, please contact docelec.scd @