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Computers and wifi

Wi-Fi access is available on all campuses, including in the libraries (see box below for the settings for your device).

Fixed computer workstations are available in all university libraries. The laptop loan (POP) service lets you borrow a laptop for the duration of your visit to Orsay UL. You must be registered to use these services.

The use of computer workstations for office applications and accessing the internet, particularly for documentary research, requires authentication (university login in the form of and corresponding password).

Freely accessible workstations are reserved exclusively for consulting the catalogue.

University Wi-Fi networks


Once you have registered with the University, you can activate your computer account by going to with your student card.

Enter your student number and date of birth


Discover your institutional email address, login and password.

Go to your Digital Work Environment, authenticate yourself, and manage your computer account using the "My Education" > "My Computer Account" tab.

You can, in particular, change your password, but most importantly, set the answer to a secret question. This will allow you to later modify your password if you happen to forget it.


Two networks are available at the university, Eduroam and Eduspot:


The eduspot service aims to provide WiFi access to students and staff of higher education and research institutions while they are moving within a member institution of eduspot.

Connect to Eduspot:

  1. Activate Wi-Fi on your personal device.
  2. Upon the first access to a web page, a page will prompt you to authenticate.
  3. Click on "Utilisez vos identifiants universitaires" ("Use your university credentials")
  4. Look for "Université Paris-Saclay" in the list if the institution is not pre-selected.
  5. When you click on it, you will be redirected to the same login page as the university's website.
  6. Use the same credentials as for your Paris Saclay account (e-campus, email, etc.): firstname.lastname as the username and your chosen password.
  7. Click on "Connect."


The eduroam service aims to offer secure wireless access to the Internet for staff, and potentially students, of higher education and research institutions while they are moving within a member institution of eduroam. It covers most European countries and some countries in the Asia-Pacific region. Once Eduroam is configured, you don't need to enter your credentials again. The drawback is that this service requires configuring your computer, phone, or mobile device.

Connect to Eduroam:

  1. Configuring Eduroam requires specific settings on your device.
  2. Install a configuration installer on your device by visiting:
  3. Click the button to download the installer, select "Université Paris-Saclay."
  4. The page automatically detects your operating system (Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android, etc.) and its version, initiating an automatic download.
  5. If you're at the library without internet access (via hotspot), you can use a fixed computer to copy the installer to your USB drive. Simply transfer it to your laptop afterward.
  6. Activate Wi-Fi on your device, select Eduroam, enter your university ID (firstname.lastname), and the password you have set, then click "Connect."
  7. The connection should be established, and you won't need to reconfigure the Wi-Fi.

If you're using a smartphone or tablet, install the geteduroam app from the Play Store or the App Store and follow the instructions.